Rory, Skye and Mack dog walking in Erskine!

Rory, Skye and Mack dog walking in Erskine!

Dog walking at a sunny beach!

Blue skies, spring in the air and longer daylight hours! Bliss!!! This morning I took Langbank dogs Rory and Mack along dog walking with Bishopton German shepherd Skye to the beach in Erskine.  Mack can be tricky wee chappy when it comes to letting other dogs in the car but I quickly sorted that out by getting a harness which I canuse to clip him in to the front seat belt holder.  He is used to the front seat so it’s ideal as I can get dogs in the boot and back seats too!

Walking in groups is actually easier than walking individually as dogs tend to naturally stick together and at the top of the pack is my main man, Rory!  He is the boss of all the dogs I walk and he is perfect for it.  A great communicator, Rory knows how to play, interact, greet and tell off without the need to show aggression!

Since last Thursday Mack has had a bit of an iffy belly but I think he is over the worst of it as he was back to his usual self today.  They did a lot of running about and playing especially in the water where they could cool off!

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