Spring in Langbank!

Spring in Langbank!

A wee update for 6 month old Buddy the Boston terrier.  Over the last few months he has grown so much in confidence and enjoys being outside and playing with his doggy friends.  Buddy gets a lot of  attention and admiration from people when outside cause of his cuteness and he loves the attention.

I take Buddy often to Langbank/Finlaystone and he and Chihuahua X, Chilli have become good friends in that time.  So today I thought I’d take the last group walk of today on a nice walk in Langbank.  Spring has been in the air all week and around Langbank you can see baby rabbits and fields packed with baby lambs.  Langbank is a lovely place and just behind the village there are plenty of natural areas that are great to walk dogs and keep them interested and safe.

So let’s look at today’s walk in Langbank!



  1. Hello Jamie

    Was just browsing and came across your website and have to say I have found it amazing! You have shared so much of your knowledge and the experience you have obviously gathered since walking your dogs since 2010. I want to thank you for being so generous with sharing everything you have learned.

    I have just completed a couple of weeks of dog grooming and although I do not feel I can call myself a “dog groomer” just yet, I hope to expand and gain lots of experience going forward. I am also looking to offer other services such as dog walking, home visits, etc. You have certainly opened my eyes to this world and your tips are appreciated.

    I do have a few nice parks close by but unfortunately no beach – how lovely that looks. I was amazed at your gallery of dogs! WOW, looks fantastic and the dogs all look like they have so much fun BUT I appreciate it must at times be very hard work and you’ve obviously worked hard to build this up over the years.

    Can you recommend any good insurance companies to contact for this purpose please?

    Again, well done and I hope I can pick your brains when I’m up and running – very soon now I hope.

    Best wishes and thanks again,
    Liz (Carshalton, Surrey)

    • Liz!!!!

      Thanks so much for your nice comments! I really hope others like yourself can get some extra insight – when I started I couldn’t find any info and I know how hard it is and after all we just want to make a living.

      Regarding insurance. Try either “Pet business insurance” or “Cliverton” – its about £120 a year.

      At the end of the day it’s about earning a fare wage. Dog walking, day care and dog boarding pay best! :)


  2. He looks adorable! It is really nice to walk your pets regularly. I do it all the time. It is a nice way to bond and have fun.

  3. Buddy is adorable! I love the pic of him and Chilli (who is just like my Chi x Cav) look forward to seeing more pics of these two :)

    • Thx Sam!


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