It’s oh, so quiet!

It’s oh, so quiet!

We enjoy the beach to ourselves!

With all the great weather we had last week I really should have been blogging a bit more, but with the sun comes plenty of distractions e.g. picnics, kids, loads more dogs etc, which means I just can’t afford the time to take pics.  There’s been a lot to blog about too as Max the springer has recently joined up with the group walks.  So with today being a break in the weather and the light rain being enough to keep the beach at Erskine very quiet I thought I’d bring along the camera!

Today for our first group walk at the beach in Erskine we had Skye, Rory, Beau, Max and Nevis!  The pics below were taken just as the dogs were let out of the car and it’s all go!.  After that a lady and her one year old lab joined up with us for the rest of the walk.

Ronnie and Roxy return to BDWS!

Along with Max, Lurcher’s Ronnie and Roxy recently returned to us and it’s been great having them back.  They know most of the team here at BDWS, but over the last couple of weeks they have met new team members Jack, Buddy and Lola!  Today they joined Buddy, Jack, Rory and Beau!

The first walk…

And the second walk…

We have very few spaces left but if you need a dog walker then please get in contact!


  1. looks like they had a blast! Isn’t the beach great without the daytrippers. Snuggy and I had aberdour to ourselves tonight just because of a few spots of rain! wimps!!!!! You dogs are lucky to be members of the BDWS crew, walk on!!!!!

    • Thanks Carol, it is nice having a break from the sun as I can relax a bit! Funny that even forecasts of rain will keep people away even if its dry!


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