The Gallahill walk

The Gallahill walk

BDWS take the team for a new walk in Langbank!


The weather is great, the kids are off school and that means Finlaystone is busy!  I really enjoy dog walking in Finlaystone but with six dogs on today’s 2pm walk I thought I’d take them somewhere quieter.  So today I decided to go an a walk I’ve only been on once before that’s just outside of Langbank village and next to farmlands.  The walk (just off Gallahill road) is very secure, wild and amazing for dogs.  It’s used by walkers and the occasional dog owner but generally you’ll never see anyone.  Long soft grass, bogs, large open areas and loads for dogs to smell and do, it’s a dog walker’s paradise and somewhere I’ll start coming to more often!

Some pics…


  1. Hi Jamie,
    I love your blog and often have a wee look to get inspiration for taking my dog out for a good walk. I thought it would be nice to go to Langbank today and I read some of your posts. I am not overly familiar with Langbank (I normally just zip past it on the train) so I was wondering if your could pin point where this walk starts. I have had a look on google maps. Gallahill Road looks quite long with lots of fields on either side – I don’t want to wander onto a farmers land by mistake! :)
    If I am arriving by train, where would be the best place to start the walk?
    Any advice would be very much appreciated.
    By the way, please keep blogging – your insight, photos and ideas are inspirational.
    Ange xxx


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