Homemade Dog Food Recipes


These dog food recipes are original and made by me (Jamie Shanks) and by friend and canine dietician, Bev Cobley.  They are among the most popular recipes on the internet and perfect for dog training treats, getting the attention of your dog while out on walks and as a tasty snack for a good dog.  They are a much healthier and tastier alternative to the ones you buy in shops, you know exactly what’s in them and they have even been featured in the Sun newspaper too.  So have a look, see which ones you like and then give them a try…

Pig trotter brawn

A wonderfully simple recipe filled with real homemade goodness

Gingerbread men

Easy to make dog biscuits that are great for dogs who don’t travel well

Tuna loaf

From start to finish Tuna loaf takes about 10 minutes

Sardine oatcakes

One of the most popular recipes. Loved by all dogs and very easy to make

Banana bombs

Meat free dog treat recipe using bananas, honey and peanut butter

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