What a nice day today, so hot and sunny. Overdressed as per usual when out with the dogs, including our brand new member Penny who is a 12 week old cocker spaniel.

Early walk with Jay and Sasha in Renfrew. There was a whole load of dogs in Robertson park today all wanting the tennis balls that Sasha and Jay had, thankfully I had about 6 in my bag so there was plenty to go round. Later I picked the Lurchers Ronnie and Roxy and took them to Erskine beach where Roxy swam a few times, she’s getting braver in the water and so is Ronnie. Can’t throw the ball far, just enough where Roxy will have to paddle about a meter or so. When she came out she would go a bit mental and run like crazy after the ball not giving her sister Ronnie a chance. After I took them home and dried them off I picked up our newest member Penny, a show cocker spaniel from Inchinnan. She’s just 12 weeks old and a lovely little thing and I took her to the beach too. We met a westie, two jack russells, a Northern inuit dog, a collie cross and lady with two young children who adored her.