This lunchtime I was driving along to the beach with my own dog Ruby and cocker spaniel, Jersey.  My car has that wet dog smell, you know the type but then another dog smell became prominent as dog wind filled the car.  Since neither dog could deny it, it couldn’t be determined who had supplied it.

Anyway, like I was saying… I had Jersey with my own dog Ruby and we went to the beach.  This was their first meeting together.  Jersey is becoming quite a confidant little dog with me now and enjoys the company of other dogs.  Ruby and Jersey share a lot of the same interests.  They love sniffing about and would follow each other if one of them found something interesting to smell.  Both love the water and retrieving things, although Jersey isn’t a s swimmer yet she does love to get her paws wet and will go in quite deep.  Ruby loves to swim and will retrieve sticks and balls I chuck in.

It was a nice long walk and we stopped to meet many nice dogs and their owners.

Some pics of today’s walk…