Walking the dogs in Finlaystone.

So Ruffles returned this week after having been off last week and when I picked him up he was sporting a brand new ‘do’!  Ruffles first ever proper groom is brilliant and I was really impressed with the job that Renfrew dog groomers Mucky Mutts did, he really is one of the best looking/groomed Lhasa’s in Renfrewshire! Ruffles is around 5 1/2 months old now and has grown up so fast, it seems just like yesterday that I was taking the wee fella to puppy classes and getting him used to other dogs.

Along with Ruffles, we collected Langbank dog Mack and took them both to meet up with Wilfred and Chilli who live at Finlaystone!  Mack and Ruffles have never met before but got on great, in fact everyone got on very well and we had a lot of fun, we even gave a tour of the woodland to a lady and her black Labrador, including Wilfred’s favourite location on the estate: Paradise!

Some pics!

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