A slush filled dog walk in Finlaystone.


I like walking in Finlaystone.  It’s very quiet this time of year but can be pretty treacherous in the wet or snow!

So with Broxi being walked by us the for whole week I decided to place him in the Finlaystone walk alongside Ruffles, Mack, Chilli, Wilfred and Ruby!  Broxi has walked with Ruby and Ruffles before and I knew he’d get on great with the rest.  It’s a much more suitable walk as there are no large dogs.

Yesterday’s snow had turned to slush because of the sleet and rain and some steep parts of the Finlaystone trail literally required both hands and feet to climb up as they were so very slippy.  I had to admit to being a bit envious of the 4 legs that dogs have as they had no bother whatsover.

Dogs love Finlaystone!  There’s just so much for them to smell and do and snow always brings out the best in them – they’re just like kids!  Even ‘mature gentleman’ Wilfred was up for play and shenanigans alongside the younger ones!

Some pics..



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