A wee update for 6 month old Buddy the Boston terrier.  Over the last few months he has grown so much in confidence and enjoys being outside and playing with his doggy friends.  Buddy gets a lot of  attention and admiration from people when outside cause of his cuteness and he loves the attention.

I take Buddy often to Langbank/Finlaystone and he and Chihuahua X, Chilli have become good friends in that time.  So today I thought I’d take the last group walk of today on a nice walk in Langbank.  Spring has been in the air all week and around Langbank you can see baby rabbits and fields packed with baby lambs.  Langbank is a lovely place and just behind the village there are plenty of natural areas that are great to walk dogs and keep them interested and safe.

So let’s look at today’s walk in Langbank!