Golden retriever pup from Bishopton


Elsa is just 4 months old and today was the first day this gorgeous wee pup started her puppy visits!  Elsa is full of fun and play and for her first walk we went to the local park where we met up with a mature sprollie (springer X collie) and together with the owner we walked back from the park to give young Elsa some experience with an older dog.  Back at home we spent a little more time in the garden with Elsa’s toys!

For her afternoon visit she was introduced to my own dog Ruby and young BDWS team member Ruffles and took great interest in both of them.  The sun was shining and it was a beautiful afternoon and Elsa and Ruffles had a wee play and even though she is only 4 months old she is already bigger than Ruffles!

After the park it was back home for lunch and another wee trip to the back garden!

Some pics…