A delicious and easy to make pancake recipe using chickpea flour (gram flour) instead of wheat flour.  For this recipe you flavour the recipe using whatever your dog likes ensuring this recipe is a winner with every dog!


1 mug of Chickpea flour, 1 egg, Milk as required, Mince (but you can flavour with anything your dog likes e.g. diced cooked liver, cheese, carrot, apple, pre-fried mince etc.)


1 mug of flour

Add 1 mug of flour

Add egg to pancake recipe

Add an egg and some milk

Pancake mix


Pancake flavouring

Add your flavouring. We're using minced beef. Make sure afterwards that batter is similar to that of a fish coating batter!

half cooked pancake

Cook as you would a normal pancake. That means hot pan!

Dog pancakes

Once cooled slice into treat sizes! You can freeze them or place them in an airtight container and put in fridge.

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