Vegetable peeling crisps!

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Yeah I know, you’re thinking they’re not healthy, but veggie peelings are packed with nutrients.  Cooked in a high heat resistant oil like , coconut oil, olive oil (temp must be below 190°C 350°F) or good old fashioned lard, these treats are delicious and I just couldn’t stop eating them myself!  I had three dogs in my house when cooking them and they all just adored them. On cooked meal days we boil any vegetable trimmings and add to the dog food – nothing gets dumped in this house except onion rings.  So we’re talking cauliflower, broccoli, root veggies and even neep skins get boiled as fillers.  But for soft skin roots like potatoes, parsnips, carrots, beetroot etc…they get deep fried for dog treats!


Vegetable peelings such as sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots, beetroot etc, 1 pot of hot oil.



So we've got some leftover potato, sweet potato and parsnip peelings that have been dried off in paper towels.

pot of oil

We're heating up our oil nice and hot!

frying vegetable peelings

Fry in hot oil!

vegetable peeling dog treats

Just a few minutes later they are done and taste great! Dogs love these and so do I!

baking tray

And give to dog!

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