Brindle lurchers, Ronnie and Roxy!


  • Age:  8
  • Breed: Lurchers
  • Location: Mains Drive, Erskine (now rehomed)
  • Places walked: Erskine beach
  • Most likely walked with: Rory, Ruby, Jay, Mack


About Ronnie and Roxy!

Ronnie and Roxy are sisters from Erskine and get walked every weekday at the beach in Erskine (Boden Boo).  I’ve been walking them  since they were 7 months old and they are among the dogs I’ve walked the longest.  For the first several months they would get walked on-lead only but have been allowed off-lead to flex their muscles for around a year.  They love their walkies and tend to go a bit bananas when I arrive.  Out of the two of them only Roxy can swim (yet) but they both like the water and it helps them keep cool.

Generally they’re walked alongside Rory the doberman and my own dog Ruby.


If you live in Mains Drive, Erskine and need a dog walker then call 07949 348 575



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