This tuna loaf dog treat recipe was given to me by Alison, the owner of Brodie and Harris!  It’s a super simple and homemade dog friendly recipe that is prepared and cooked within 10 minutes!


2 tins of tuna in oil, 2 eggs, 160g of flour (wholemeal or plain), 1 garlic clove. But isn’t garlic bad for dogs?


tuna loaf ingredients

Our Ingredients


mashed tuna

Add 2 tins of tuna in oil (use the oil).


2 eggs

Add two eggs


add 160 grams of flour

Add 160 grams of flour


1 crushed garlic clove

Add 1 crushed garlic clove


tuna loaf mixture

Mix everything together to form a thick paste-like consistency. Spread out on large plate and microwave for 4mins, turn over and cook for another minute


cooked tuna loaf

Leave to cool and then cut up!


give tuna treat to dog

Have a taste test with the dog and freeze the rest.


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