• Age:  6 years
  • Breed: Dalmatian
  • Location: Bargarran
  • Places walked: Erskine, Langbank
  • Most likely walked with: Chilli, Mack, Ruffles, Elsa, Levi, Ruby

Bargarran dog Lola

Lola is a lovely young Dalmatian who is excellent with other dogs.  She is very friendly and often gives those she knows a big smile when she greets them.  At first she was very unhappy in the van and suffered from car sickness but after plenty of walks and learning that the van has all her friends in it and takes her to nice places she is a whole lot better.

Lola gets walked twice a week in the afternoon in Langbank usually along with her best friend Elsa who is the same age and size.  When they are together they love to rumble and run together – they are great for tiring each other out.

Lola will often come to board with me for a few days when required.