by | May 26, 2012

Erskine Lhasa apso puppy Ruffles!

  • Age:  10
  • Breed: Lhasa apso
  • Location: Erskine
  • Places walked: Finlaystone, Langbank
  • Most likely walked with: Wilfred, Chilli, Mack, Ruby

About Ruffles!

This little fella has grown up so fast and already a very well socialised wee chappy! I took this rascal to puppy classes and did everything I could to help him become the amazing wee fella he is now…even buying a puppy carrier which I carried him about in while I walked other dogs!  Ruffles is another dog I’ve had since he was a tiny pup, he prefers dogs his own size and adores Langbank dogs Chilli and Mack but will play quite happily with larger dogs if they are friendly!

He has no qualms about getting filthy or wet and in fact insists on it and when it gets hot Ruffles will lie in the river clyde or shallow streams in Finlaystone to cool off.  Ruffles is excellent off lead as you just have call out ‘treats’ and he comes running at full speed!

Ruffles gets walked 5 days a week alongside Wilfred, Chilli and Mack!

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