by | May 25, 2012 | The Pets

Golden cocker spaniel, Penny!

  • Age:  9
  • Breed: Golden cocker spaniel (show type)
  • Location: Inchinnan
  • Places walked: Erskine beach
  • Most likely walked with: Skye, Rory, Jersey

About Penny

As close to the perfect dog to walk as you can get!  Penny is super friendly, very active, responsive to commands and a real dogs dog!  Penny is a golder cocker spaniel orginally from Inchinnan.  I started walking Penny when she was only 12 weeks old and until she was nearly a year old.  Penny has a great temperament and can be taken anywhere, with any dog and will bring the best out in who she’s with!  In fact I took Penny when I had an evening walk with her to meet Skye when Skye was just a tiny pup and I knew Penny would be great even in someone else’s house to meet a pup she had never met before and she was a real star and Skye took to Penny instantly.

Penny is great off lead, highly sociable and a wonderful dog to walk.  She is non-stop and when she comes for a walk all the dogs get a better workout as a result.

Penny and family have now moved to Renfrew. 🙁