A natural alternative dog food

I have 4 clumbers and a springer, so in total we are looking at a total 165 kilo of dog!

Yesterday on Tesco’s sell off shelf there was 2 packs of pig liver and 1 pack of sliced heart with a total price £2.10.  In the fridge I had a sorry looking neep that wasn’t used on burns night alongside some rather wilted carrots and half a bag of sorry looking mange tout and some left over mash tatties.

The Benefits?  Well, I know what is in it and I know what is not in it!  They love it, also as it’s a meal for in between bones days and because liver is a natural laxative they wont need any oil on their bones tomorrow.

Over the course of a week I feed 3 bone days 3 home cooked days and 1 fish day, alternating the bone days with homecooked/fish.  Happy dogs = Happy me and cheap at half the price!  Go for it folks…am here to help and advise!


1 Pack of Sliced Heart, 2 Packs of Pigs Liver (any liver will do), 1 Turnip, Some Carrots, 1 bag of Mange Tout, A couple of Potatoes, 1 bag of Couscous


diced liver and heart

Dice the meat and chuck it in the dog’s stock pot.

diced potatoes, carrots, mange tout and neep

Add the diced potatoes, carrots, mange tout and neep!

Add a cup of water, a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and a handful of chopped parsley.

Add a cup of water, a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and a handful of chopped parsley.

Cook until veg is crunchy

Cook lightly so that the veg is still crunchy! They’ll still be water in pot but don’t worry about that…

Chuck in a bag of couscous!

Chuck in a bag of couscous, stir and leave to rest for 10 mins! That’ll soak up all the water and juices!

Split into portions

If you have an average size dog then you’re looking at 12 – 15 meals…especially if you add a cup of whole meal type mixer!

Bev says: I split half of it between the 5 dogs and added a chopped raw apple on the top…the rest is for Saturday as tomorrow is a bone day…this will give each of them 2 days of food…about 32p per dog…so that is 10 meals.


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