I actually came up with this when making pig trotter brawn for myself but I was so impressed with it and with how it firmly set in it’s own jelly that I thought I just HAD to publish it as a dog food recipe.  Of course your dog will love it, they will adore it and it’s so good for them – didn’t you know pig’s feet are superfood!?  Pig trotters are packed with collagen so are great for joints and are dead easy to buy online.  You can buy pig trotters here and here. So there you go!  And cooking is easy – just cook for 4 hours in water in a big pot or 2 hours in a pressure cooker (I use and recommend this one).  Then de-bone, chuck flesh back in stock, add some veg, cook through, serve into containers and fridge.  That’s it. Let’s get cooking!


4 Pig Feet, 200g (7 oz)  of peas


pig trotters in pot

Add 4 pig trotters to a large pot and add water.

cooked pig trotters in pot

Bring to boil, put lid on pot and simmer for 4 hours

pig trotters in a bowl

Place pig trotters in bowl to cool. Keep stock!

pig trotter stock

Discard bones, nails, cartilage etc and add everything else back to stock

Adding peas to pig trotters

Add a couple of big handfuls of veg. I'm using frozen peas and cook through.

Serving pig trotter brawn into containers

While warm serve into containers. I'll get approximately 10-11 servings using 200ml containers. Leave to cool and fridge.

pig trotter brawn

Once cooled it will set firmly.

Sliced pig trotter brawn

Slice up...

dog eating pig brawn

…and serve!

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