A sad farewell to Inchinnan dog Penny!

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Penny leaves for Renfrew!

Penny will be a year old next month and I’ve been walking her since she was around 12 weeks old.  Today was Penny’s final walk as she and owners move next week to a bigger house in Renfrew.  A big thanks to Penny’s owner Sarah for giving me a lovely easter egg and thank you card…it was very much appreciated!!!

Penny is a wonderful dog and although I only walked her twice a week, I always looked forward to those days.  Penny loves to run non-stop and because she is such a friendly and sociable dog, she gets all the dogs to seriously up the pace and when it’s time to go home they have all had an extra workout, got much dirtier and are more noticeably tired.  Penny is a very popular dog and most probably the most liked dog out of all the dogs I’ve walked and what few dogs we’ve met that dislike her were always the unsociable type, who I think were jealous of the attention she would get from the other dogs.

Penny just wants to have fun and is so friendly that when Skye was a young pup I knew I could bring Penny over to say hello and when I did she was brilliant, I was so impressed with how she behaved and Skye has been smitten with Penny ever since!

It’s always sad to see a dog leave, especially such a nice dog that I’ve been with since she was tiny!  So I thought I’d post some pics of Penny I’ve taken since I’ve walked her.

I wish Penny and family all the best in the world!

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