A sunny Saturday with Rory and Ruffles

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Little and large!

Last weeks weather was pretty bleak but today it has been lovely and sunny and this lunchtime (after taking Erskine Labrador Bruno on a solo walk) I took Rory and Ruffles for a wee walk down at the beach.   Rory’s owners are attending a bar mitzvah today so that meant Ruffles had a big friend that he’s met quite a few times, to play with.

Both Rory and Ruffles are quite similar in ways, in that they are friendly and socialised, love the company of other dogs adore food and tennis balls.  So they were well matched in their ‘likes’ even tho mismatched in their physiques.

So at the beach we had fun and met plenty of friendly dogs.  Just after we arrived we met a black lab that we often see and who Rory loves to play with, then we met two old springer spaniels who Ruffles gave a warm greeting to, after that we met a cocker spaniel called Crystal who both dogs enjoy the company off and a staffie/jack russell puppy who played with Ruffles and both had a whale of a time!

After walking for a while we found a large grassy area and Ruffles found a tennis ball that had split apart but still held together by it’s felt.  So of course Rory wanted the ball and they had fun chasing each other as I threw it for them both – neither are possesive with toys so it was a lot of fun!  Then afterwards on the beach they had a chase and a run (don’t know what it is about sandy beaches but as soon as dogs hit it they just want to run on it).  Aftwards Ruffles began digging a hole to which Rory came over and took over, I have no idea what they were looking for!  A nice fun walk with two of our star regulars!

Some pics…

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