A warm welcome to a new member

by | Jun 14, 2011 | Dog Blog | 8 comments

Here is Sasha a collie cross and she is our newest member and a real sweetie from Renfrew. Today was the second time I have taken her out, both times with her local buddy and fellow Renfrew dog and bad-boy Jay. Every dog is different and some can even be hard work, but Sasha makes dog walking easy; she stays close, has a good recall, has no aggression, very friendly with other dogs and people and just wants to play ball.

I’ve known Sasha for quite a few months now as her owner along with other dog owners and myself all meet up to let the dogs play together and run around. So when I was asked if I could walk her I was more than delighted to.

More pics of Sasha can be found here.

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Caroline gunn

Hi Jamie brilliant article very informative. Just starting my business officially (been doing it part-time working for a charity to see if I could do it). Love the work! I find the hardest part is trying to assume control over dogs that I may only see two or three times a week. My first ever dog was a springer spaniel, mental as they come! runs around constantly, pulls like hell on the lead (thankfully I can let him off). Still walk him only 2 days a week, he responds to treats and is submisive with other dogs thank goodness. I’d… Read more »


Hi Jamie, I love your article, it’s very thorough! I run a dog walking/grooming business. One problem I can’t seem to solve is that when I travel round collecting dogs from customers houses I have to leave dogs I have already collected in the car for 5 minutes (it is always 5 minutes as I time myself) while I get another dog. The other day it was hot but I left the window open and they had water while I went to get another dog for 5 minutes, when I returned 3 women were waiting by my car saying that… Read more »


Hi Jamie, Yes that’s a good idea, thanks very much, really appreciate your help!


Hi Jamie would like to start a dog walking service, do you have to registar your business,and do you have to fill a self assessment form,or does this only apply if you earn a certain amount a year.
Thanks JENNY

Judi Cox

Hi Jamie,

I have really enjoyed reading your dog walking article. I am thinking of starting up dog walking as I am being made redundant in August! The information you supply is so helpful and has inspired me to look more closely into dog walking. Thank you so much.