Dog walking under Lockdown

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Wait for months for the rain to stop, the sun to come out and the days to get longer and then just when it’s about to… lockdown ruins it.  Well not really for me, cause I’m still working.  I’m keeping to all social distancing measures and did so years before it became cool.

Social distancing is easy and those working outside that can keep to social distancing measures (people like me, gardeners and window cleaners, etc) are encouraged to keep working.

Dog walking while under lockdown though has made things more difficult.  I can’t go to the beach anymore or any areas that have car parks as they have all been closed to the public but I am lucky where I live that there are loads of areas I can still walk in the country.

Thankfully it’s not all bad, I still have dogs to walk and the weather has been great.

Some photos of some amazing dogs during this beautful spring week.

A fun preview video

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raw pig ears

By Jamie Shanks

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