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Archie the Hungarian Vizsla

  • Age:  9
  • Breed: Hungarian Vizsla
  • Location: Inchinnan
  • Places walked: Erskine beach, Inchinnan Football fields
  • Most likely walked with: Jay

About Archie

Archie the Hungarian Vizsla originally lived in Inchinnan. I started walking him at the beginning of 2011 when he was just 7 months old.  He hadn’t really had the chance to play with other dogs so I always walked him with at least Jay the cocker spaniel and Archie and Jay got on great and ran themselves ragged and there were always a few time outs so Jay could get his breath back.

A real gun dog, Archie took naturally to the water and learnt very quickly how to swim.

Archie adores the company of other dogs and has the energy and drive I’ve only ever seen in springer spaniels.  Being so full of energy no matter how much exercise he got and how much he ran/swam played with dogs etc, I couldnt tire him out.

A very nice dog who now lives in Kilbirnie!

Below is a video of Archie with pack mate, Jay!

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