At the Knapps with Daisy and Duffy!

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An early morning walk with the spaniels!

You rarely meet two nicer natured dogs than these two.  Langbank dogs Daisy and Duffy are just so friendly, easy to walk and a huge joy to be around!  I always get such a huge welcome when I arrive even though the last time I walked them was last summer!  As a nice treat I thought I’d take them this sunny but cold morning to the Knapps in Kilmacolm as it’s the perfect place for spaniels: large open fields where they can run free, woodland areas hiding who knows what, lots of wildlife trails to scent and of course the huge man made Loch centred in the middle of it!  The Knapps is ideal for walking dogs as it’s very secure and even when it’s busy it’s so large that everyone is very far apart.

Once off the lead Duffy went a bit nuts and ran about everywhere as fast as she could while Daisy stayed closer to me and saw the large open fields as an ideal place for her to play with her ball!  They even did a bit of swimming in the Loch to retreive sticks and go after stones I was throwing in.

A lot of fun and hopefully I’ll get to walk these two soon!

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