Banana bombs

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I thought a meat free dog treat recipe without using liver or meat would make a nice change so I thought I’d try banana alongside peanut butter and honey to make recipe I call Banana Bombs!  These dog treats are great, they have a hard crusty shell which makes them excellent to carry around but moist and bready inside and packed with flavour!  Dogs love them!

After making them I took some with me while I went out dog walking.  Ruffles the Lhasa apso loved his and I even got plenty of attention from other people’s dogs who could smell them in my bag.  So that’s a big paws up for them already!


2 Eggs, 2 Bananas, 200g (1 cup) of Peanut Butter, Squirt of Honey, 200g (1 cup) of Wholemeal Flour, 200g (1 cup) of Cornflour

Please note: Some ‘low sugar’ peanut butters use xylitol sweetener as a substitute.  Avoid this as it’s harmful to dogs.


banana bomb ingredients

Blend half tWe're going to need wholemeal flour, cornflour, honey, 2 eggs, 2 bananas and peanut butter!he liver, 2 eggs and a splash of milk.

add banana peanut butter and eggs

Add two eggs, 200g (1 cup) of peanut butter, 2 chopped bananas and a good squirt of honey to a bowl!

blended dog treat recipe

Blend it till it's smooth!

add 200g of wholemeal flour

Now add 200g (1 cup) of wholemeal flour!

add 200g of cornflour

Then add 200g (1 cup) of cornflour!

roll into a ball

Mix the flours in with a fork then roll up your sleeves because you'll need to get stuck in with your hands to mix it all up!

raw banana peanut butter and honey balls

Roll into little balls and place onto baking tray. Be quite firm when rolling them in your hands!

banana peanut butter and honey buns

Preheat oven to 130°C (270°F) and then cook for 45 minutes. The buns above are now cooked and look brilliant!

lhasa apso eating a treat

Give to dog!

How to store

As a general guide if meat protein is present in recipe then it will last around 3 to 5 days stored in a cool place.  If it has second class protein in it eg. cheese, lentils, eggs, etc, then they will store for about 10 days in a cool place. You can use cake tins lined with baking paper – greaseproof. If there is no meat or second class proteins present then it will last around 3 weeks before they go soft like human biscuits.

Buy the book!

These dog treat recipes are now available to buy in book on Amazon.   An ideal gift!

dog treat recipe book

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raw pig ears

By Jamie Shanks

BDWS is owned and run by me, Jamie Shanks. I’ve been a professional dog walker since 2010. When I’m not walking dogs, I’m usually at home entertaining my three dogs and attending to five hens and my vegetable garden. 


  1. Could you substitute unsulphured blackstrap molasses for honey ?

  2. I would like to try the Banana Bomb recipe for my finicky Yorkie boy but would like to know what gluten free flour can I substitute for the cornflour and wholemeal? Can almond flour or tapioca flour or potato flour work just as well? What different ratio/grams/weight of the flours be compared to those you listed in original recipe?

  3. Fantastic looking recipes, can’t wait to try them, thanks Jamie.

  4. Well, I’m certain that I did something wrong, but stuck to the recipe but it was ridiculously wet and had to put over a cup more of flour to be able to use it. I followed the recipe and ingredients exactly. They are now in the oven. But I’m afraid as I added more flour I wasn’t sure how they would pan out so I managed to roll and make some in biscuits and half in the balls. Will let you know how they come out. But the dogs were happy to sit by me and lick the spoon!

  5. How long do these treats keep, should I freeze them.

    • If frozen fresh, years.

  6. Can you please clarify…is cornflour called corn starch in the U.S.? Can’t wait to try some of your recipes this weekend. Thanks!

  7. I tried these today and our lurchers were sniffing around the oven as they were baking. Once cooled, they sat for these treats without even being told to! Tried one myself and thought they were pretty tasty too. Mine didn’t go brown – very light in colour but cooked through so if anyone else is concerned about the colour I wouldn’t worry as long as they’re cooked – if you’re no sure try one yourself before giving to the dog(s) 🙂

    • Dogs sitting when they haven’t been told too is what homemade dog teats are all about! Wait till you try liver cake, sardine oatcakes or the liver biscuits then you will really see good behaviour! From the paler colour, did you use plain flour to make them?

    • Hi there I was wondering what the shelf life of these would be?
      I’m planning on being these for clients pooches nearer xmas x

    • I used regular wholemeal not strong wholemeal and I used medium cornmeal instead of cornflour – still worked like a charm. The dogs hound me while making them and once out the oven they’re even worse. They even start to hyper-salivate just before they get them 🙂

  8. gonna try making banana bombs will it work with plain flour as picked it by mistake

    • Yeah, dont worry about it.

  9. Hi Jamie,

    I’m trying out your recipes out for the first time and love the sound of Banana bombs.

    You talk about cooked meal days, and I wonder what you feed on non cooked meals days. I feel a novice and would be grateful for advice. My dogs are 15 kilos and 25 kilos respectively and I’am not sure of amounts for two meals a day.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    Lastly, I live in England having brought my rescue dogs from Italy where we got very involved with rescue dogs whilst living there. Being back in the UK makes me want to progress even further in dog, (and cat) care and I think what you are doing is inspirational≥ Congratulations!

  10. Just cooked the banana bombs and the liver cake for my chocolate labs 14th birthday tomorrow . I couldn’t resist giving him one to try and he looked like he enjoyed it . Thankyou for sharing the recipes .

  11. We have tried the deep fried peelings – dogs and humans pronounced them very tasty!

    Currently have Banana Bombs in the oven – smelling good, but it would be helpful if you could indicate top, middle or bottom of the oven.

    Could earlier comment from Fiona re ‘lightish brown’ have any relationship to height in the oven?



    • Hi Ray, it’s usually the middle of the oven I use.

    • ‘Bombs’ all done and doggie approved – lightish in colour but very tasty. Thanks re oven – used the top shelf for this batch, but will use middle next time. Ginger biscuits next on the menu!!

    • Brill thanks for letting me know, Ray! Ginger biccies are great and sardine oatcakes are fab too!

  12. Wow what a fantastic recipe…I will give them ago with my children Thanks!!

    • Thanks Sam.

  13. Just made these. Think I have done something wrong, they were not even light brown after the 45 mins. Gave an extra 15 minutes (5 min increment just in case) and they are lightish brown but do taste a little dry??

    • what kind of flour did you use?

    • I used wholemeal and cornflour. I have been making dog biscuits for a couple of years (as I don’t like all the additives and the price of bought ones!!) but they are crunchy cheesy biscuits and I wanted a recipe for a softer type (she, my 3 year old GSD is such a greedy guts that she swallows biscuits whole and chokes!!!). Anyway she loves these ‘bombs’ just wondered if I may have cocked up somehow?maybe my cooker is cooler?

    • I really don’t know what went wrong. If you get the chance try a different cooker and get back to me.

  14. I’m introducing my dogs to a wheat free diet. These banana bombs sound great – do you think I could substitute the wholemeal flour for potato flour or rice flour?

  15. AAhhhmm!! Attention please!

    I have to put a word in here. All you dog owners out there, listen up! These here Banana Bombs are scrumilicious! You can’t waste any more time checking out the recipe pages. Stop here! Make these! Your pet pooch will love you forever! … Then work your way through the others as I’m sure they’re just as delish!

    I was treated to these last week, in fact there might be one or too left, so I’m staying extra good just to be sure I get to hover them all up!

    Spot on Jamie, I award you honorary membership to the Cornwall dog owner appreciation society for services to pooch food! (a very coveted award!!!) Keep up the fab work up there fellow celt!

    2 yr old GSD

  16. Maggie, my parsons terrier LOVES these. Will make as christmas presents for her mum and sister who live nearby. Thanks.

    • Thanks Maggie! 🙂

  17. Hi Aimee, I’d probably try grating some apples instead. Just remember to throw away the seeds.

  18. I stumbled upon your website the other day – I have to say it’s fantastic ! This is the first of your treats I have tried and my 2 Weimaraner’s Elvis & Dee Dee love them 🙂 x x

    • Thanks Sarah! It’s all just a bit of fun but I’m glad there are people out there that like to try them out!

    • Hiya, these look fab! My dog can’t eat banana so is there another fruit you would recommend instead please?

  19. My Lola loves these! I always make too many, though, even using half the recipe. Do they freeze well?

    • Hi Sue! I’m glad you’re Lola loves them! Yes, they freeze very well, just chuck them in the freezer once cooked.

  20. just wondering if you could break it down in American measures and degrees…ty

    • Done!

  21. How long would recommend storing the ‘banana bombs’ and keeping in a fridge is okay?

    • A couple of weeks if stored correctly but if you freeze once cooked then a very long time!

    • Thanks Jamie

  22. Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for recipe, have just gone vegetarian, so good timing. Hope to try out at some point, sure dogs will love them and possibly me too!

    • Thanks Jackie! Funny you say that as it was actually quite pleasant to eat when I tried it which feels strange for a dog treat!

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