Isle of Arran

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We visit the largest island on the Firth of Clyde!

On Friday BDWS became 3 years old.  It’s been a great 3 years and I have been working most days so this Saturday I took a rare day off from walking dogs, beginning the day early as I took Ruby to Arran for a big adventure!  We were joined alongside BDWS VIP Isobel and her two lovely dogs Wilfred and Chilli.

This is my first visit to Arran and it’s a lovely island.  We managed to drive most of the way round while visiting some sights within the hours we had and while the weather on the mainland was miserable we were lucky enough to get some sunshine.  Arran is where my Dad and Uncles grew up so I’ve heard a lot about it and with the attractions of it’s ancient history still present I thought it would be a perfect place to spend the day.

And it is a great day out, you might think you have to spend days there and ideally you would, but if you leave early in the day and plan what you want to do on Arran you can make a great day of it and be home by dinner time.

Arran like the other islands has just beautiful beaches, lots of lovely scenery and a great place to walk the dogs – the dogs love it!  The water is so clean and clear and there is no litter.  Contrasts a lot to walking dogs at Erskine beach on the River Clyde which seems like a filthy dump in comparison.

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By Jamie Shanks

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