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One day while out walking the dogs, the phone rings.  It’s a man named Guy Proctor and he’s the editor of Country Walking Magazine.  He explains that he is working on a 24 page feature article about hiking with your dog and would like my input, so I agree.  He sends me many pre written articles on different subjects and I add my edits, adding lots of stuff and giving my opinions.  It was fun.  When I read what he sent I thought, “I can actually offer some real input here”.  It was fun, and I like writing and mansplaining.

So the article was basically about how to hike with your dog, including how to prepare, what to watch out for for, how to keep your dogs safe and what items you may need etc, etc.  As a experienced dog walker this is right up my street.

I was sent a free copy of the edition which was the August 2016 edition and you can even see a nice toilet selfie of me on the article.  I was also happily surprised to see the many paragraphs I wrote were left unedited and exactly how I wrote them.  Here’s a single page preview I was sent before it was published, below.

I’ve also helped the Sun newspaper with an article on dog food.  Read it here.

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By Jamie Shanks

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