Bishopton day 2013

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BDWS visit the 41st Bishopton Gala day

It’s the same old same old.  Bishopton day always seems to be held one week too late as we always get fabulous weather the weekend before and terrible weather on the day.

I took my own dog Ruby with me today and was keen on seeing some interesting events which included Jez Avery – stunt performer, the falconry display and the dog agility.  Unfortunately the dog agility was a no-show for some reason but they weren’t they only events that failed to show due more than anything else to the poor weather.  The kids bouncy castles had to be cancelled because of the wind and the gusts were a real threat to some of the lighter gazebos of which one blew away and became mangled on top of the stall owners car!  Sadly they had to call it a day and pack up just as Bishopton day was beginning!

As usual the gala was officially opened by the Bishopton Princess who this year was Rebecca Fitzsimmons.  This was followed by the sound of a chainsaw as champion chainsaw carver Peter Bowsher made his latest creation out of wood.  Taking centre stage was Jez Avery’s stunt show which was quite entertaining and drew in the crowds, his stunts included wheelie’s on his motorbike, driving a buggy on two wheels and doing roly polys on his customised quad bike!

After Jez’s show there was a falconry display which included a gorgeous peregrine falcon flying around the field then returning to the handler who was swinging meat around on the end of a piece of string.

So after being there for a while I enquired to a steward about the beer tent.  At last year’s Bishopton day the beer tent was out of the way with only enough room for the barmen but this year they had no beer tent with the reason being the couldn’t find anyone to ‘man it’!

Anyway, it was a nice gala but I hope things pick up for 2014.  Each year it gets just a little smaller, a little less anticipated and the buzz that used to surround Bishopton day seems gone – a lot of that is down to the unfortunate weather though!


Wee video of the Kilbarchan pipe band.  Sorry about the noise it was windy!

If you live locally with you pup and need Bishopton dog walker then please get in touch?

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By Jamie Shanks

BDWS is owned and run by me, Jamie Shanks. I’ve been a professional dog walker since 2010. When I’m not walking dogs, I’m usually at home entertaining my three dogs and attending to five hens and my vegetable garden. 


  1. what a great day as ever. thank you all for having me back stunting and in the parade too. love the photos aswel.i hope the summer weathers getting into gear up your way like it is down here. i do hope i can stunt again for your event or somewhere near by in the near future… take care…jj

  2. Looks like a fun day despite the weather. What a random selection of events…Love geezer in vintage car, maybe he got lost, sure there is a vintage car ralley in Dunfie this weekend, lol…weather was better in the East, rain didn’t arrive until 4pm

  3. Thanks for coming to visit us today at petvets!

    • It was fun! Feel free if you wanna use that pic of you to post on your FB page to promote the event!

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