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Erskine Labrador Beau!

  • Age:  8
  • Breed: Working black Labrador
  • Location: Freelands, Erskine
  • Places walked: Erskine beach, Finlaystone
  • Most likely walked with: Skye, JackBenny, Ruby, Nevis

About Beau

Beau is one of the youngest dogs we care for and a very attractive black Labrador.  An intelligent and easy to train dog, Beau likes her treats and toys and has bounds of energy.  BDWS started looking after Beau when she was going through her vaccination period so she didn’t get walked with other dogs at first but it did give us some one on one personal time with her to practice teaching her the recall, sit, stay and leave commands which has made a big difference as she has been walked off lead since she was allowed outside.  Beau loves her doggy walks at Erskine beach and if you need a dog walker then please get in touch!

Beau is a great swimmer and loves to swim and chase after balls and sticks!

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