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  • Age: 2 years and 2 weeks
  • Breed: Border Collie
  • Location: Bishopton
  • Places walked: Erskine Beach, Langbank
  • Most likely walked with: Flo & Ruby

Lilac Border Collie

Brodie is my newest pup and I rehomed him in Febuary.  He’s a wee trouble maker… fearless, loves any dog he meets and any person.  His energy levels are insane and he’s truly a beautiful lilac border collie.  

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Where did you get him from? He’s beautiful

Jackie Cunningham

I love the pictures you have taken of Brodie. It shows the love and devotion you have given him. Wish I could have a lilac pup like him. He looks like he would be a great snuggle buddy and persistent and consistent furever friend. Thank you so much for sharing with this old Yank lady. You take care of your 4-legged mates well! Be blessed!