Bruno – A new member!

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Every dog walker should walk at least one dog named Bruno!.  And this is one big dog!  Bruno is a massive black Labrador.  This was my second walk with him.  Unfortunately his owner is disabled so can’t always give him the exercise big Bruno needs.

Yesterday for my first walk I took him to river Clyde.  I don’t know if he’s been to the beach much but he adores the water.  I actually had him for over an hour yesterday because we had so much fun in the water and in that time he learnt to swim.  He loves retrieving things in the water so by just throwing a stick into the water just far enough that he would need to paddle a few feet he soon picked up on how to swim.  Of course a dog like Bruno just doesn’t like any stick, he prefers big sticks, like…eh, small trees! lol

Today we went for a nice long walk and I let him off-lead for a bit so he could play with a tennis ball I brought and some plastic bottles that were lying around.  After that we went to the waterfront behind the supermarket Morrisons and met some nice dogs and people before coming home.

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