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Chilli the Chihuahua/King Charles X

  • Age:  13
  • Breed: Chihuahua/King Charles X
  • Location: Finlaystone, Langbank
  • Places walked: Finlaystone, Langbank, Erskine
  • Most likely walked with: Wilfred, MackRuffles, Ruby

About Chilli

Chilli is from Langbank and one of our newest dogs and gets walked Monday to Fridays.  She is a lively and sociable little girlie who loves to get chased by the other dogs, especially her smaller friends, like Ruffles and Mack!  She lives alongside miniature bull terrier, Wilfred.  She and Wilfred enjoy walks in Finlaystone, trips to the beach and treks through Gleddoch golf course alongside wee puppy Ruffles and west highland terrier Mack!  Chilli is one of the easiest dogs to walk.  she always stays close and even when playing with other dogs never goes far.

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Samantha Dipinto

I wish my little Chi x Cav could meet Chilli, they are so alike. Chilli is gorgeous 🙂