A warm welcome to Daisy and Duffy, Bailey and Patch

by | Aug 27, 2011 | Dog Blog | 0 comments

Today was Gala day in Langbank in which my sister, uncle and myself had a stall selling things we have made.  During it I had to leave for a short while and meet up with my two newest dogs Daisy and Duffy.  Daisy is a springer spaniel and Duffy is a black working cocker spaniel puppy.  Both are well trained and excellent dogs to be with.  For the 30 minutes I was with them that time they ran around and we had loads of fun.

Also I have just started walking Patch and Bailey from Renfrew.  Cracking wee dogs.  Patch is confidant, playful and out going.  Baily is quite shy and timid but loyal and obediant.  I’ve been walking them with cocker spaniel, Jay.

Here are some pics…

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