Daisy and Duffy!

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It’s not often I get to walk Langbank dogs Daisy and Duffy, but it’s always such a pleasure as they are some of the sweetest and loveliest dogs you could meet.  These dogs are great off lead and have a great recall – you never have to call them twice and their energy levels and desire to play is through the roof!   It’s always so much fun playing with dogs that want to play too!

This morning I took them to the park in Langbank where I quite often take Rory the doberman.  I took a couple of tennis balls and my ball thrower.  Duffy is such a character, she’ll jump all over Daisy in a bid to get the ball of her and Daisy being such a tolerant dog will allow her too.  When Duffy has the ball she loves to get Daisy to chase after her, I’d say they are pretty close in speed but Daisy has this fire and commitment that means she usually gets the ball first but wee Duffy can out twist and turn Daisy and she loves to get chased!

It’s amazing how dirty and wet they can get in just an hour and that’s without rain, just playing hard in a park.

Such lovely dogs!

Some pics…

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By Jamie Shanks

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