Boarding Baxter and Bruno

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Dog boarding the spaniels pups!

Since we started dog boarding clients dogs at the beginning of the year we’ve had quite a few stay with us.  On the dog walking side of things it’s been quiet this summer because half our dogs don’t need walked while owners are off work or on holiday.  But on the dog boarding side we’ve had busiest month we’ve ever had due to folks going away.  We’ve had Ruffles, Nevis, Benny, Wilfred and Chilli all staying and it’s been fun.  This week it was the turn of young springer spaniels Baxter and Bruno stay and they have settled in so well.  They are such sweeties with great natures and so easy to look after and walk, they stay close, come when you call them and just want to have fun and at home they just sleep.

There is an amazing place to walk dogs just to the back of Langbank and so for the sunny afternoon walk today the spaniels joined Wilfred, Chilli, Ruby and Mack.

Pics of our Langbank adventure…

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By Jamie Shanks

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