Best friends Rory and Skye!

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Dog walking at Erskine beach!

The first group walk is always with Rory and Skye in Erskine (two highly sociable and excellent dogs) and occasionally other dogs come along to the beach for the fun.  Skye is around 11 months old and has grown up with 3½ year old Rory who has been great for Skye, keeping her in check if she gets over excited yet bringing the best out in her and encouraging her to be more confidant!

When Skye was little she would go walking with Penny and Penny taught Skye how much fun chasing each other was but since Rory is now Skye’s most influential friend, Rory has taught Skye that play fighting is fun and over the last few months Skye has become more confidant and better at it with the encouragement of her fab mentor!

So today I took the camera and took some pics and a video of our 1 hour of fun and play…

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