Gleniffer Braes Country Park, Paisley

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“Keen blaws the win’ o’er the braes o’ Gleniffer
The auld castle’s turrets are covered wi’ snaw
How changed frae the time when I met wi’ my lover
Amang the brume bushes by Stanley green shaw”

I’ve never been to the Gleniffer Braes before, but many dog owners I talk to visit often, and I know that the Braes is where many professional dog walkers in Paisley go to walk their dogs.  It always makes a nice change to get away from dog walking in Erskine and take them somewhere else.

So the owner of Wilfred and Chilli and myself went this morning with the plan of meeting up with a friend named Kelly at Robertson car park, aka the Car park in the Sky.  Getting to the Braes was quite simple but finding the exact car park that Kelly was in took us about an hour to find but we did get there and the views were amazing as well as the weather!  Apart from Wilfred and Chilli, we had Ruby, Ruffles and Kelly’s dog, Charlie!

What is it with cows!?

Sometimes I go dog walking at the Knapps in Kilmacolm, and they have cows roaming around, and to be honest, I feel a little intimidated by them, so I stay well away from them.  At the Braes, they also have cows roaming around in some fields too, but these cows are beautiful Highland coos.  So just arriving at the Braes I now find that we are gonna have to pass through a very, very large herd and through the gate so we can continue our walk.  Kelly’s dog Charlie got very excited and ran up to one scaring it a little and causing the herd to group, but once Charlie came back, we gave them a wide berth as we walked around them.

The Braes is quite a nice place to walk, very natural, lots of cow pies to stand in, amazing views, very large and a popular place to visit for walkers and dog owners.  We met some lovely dogs including a 5-year-old Great Dane who was just so friendly and a pair of Lhasa Apso’s who got on great with Ruffles.

The walk today was a circuit so as we were coming back we entered the fields of cows again.  There are just so many of them and the plan was to walk right bang through them all which to be honest I just didn’t want to but the girls didn’t seem bothered.  So as we began walking into the fields a guy shouts over, “Hey, they’ll go for you if the dogs are on the lead!”.  And I’m like, “On lead!?  Don’t you mean off the lead?”.  Then he says that for some reason they have gone for dog walkers when their dogs have been on the lead and that last year some guy was chucked over the fence by a raging coo!  So you might wanna avoid the fields or follow the path in the fields that gives the cows a wide berth as other folks I spoke to mentioned that they can be a bit unpredictable especially with their young being present.  So…there you go!

Let’s take a look at some pics of today’s walk at Gleniffer Braes Country Park:

How to get to the Glenniffer Braes:

Gleniffer Braes Country Park, Gleniffer Braes Country Park

Gleniffer Braes

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By Jamie Shanks

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  1. having returned from a lovely walk/climb in the kilpatrick hills looking for loch humphrey today in the April sunshine, I was studying your pictures on Google when I realised that you and Ruby have covered many of the walks we have covered. I thoroughly enjoyed your blogs! Keep them coming!
    We began the walk at Overtoun house,walking back along the road for about a half mile before turning up sharp left. It was a steady climb and although the way has been made welcome to walkers it was very muddy.
    We didn’t find the loch as a diversion has been set up owing to the fact that the forestry are clearing much of the woods and building new access roads.

    • Hi Cath! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. I will try to do more blogs but if you know of some interesting walks that are dog friendly then please let me know!

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