The twins go to Parklea!

by | Jan 30, 2013 | 2 comments

Spaniels Baxter and Bruno go walkies!

Baxter and Bruno joined us for their first proper group walk at Parklea in Port Glasgow this afternoon!  They are so sweet and Baxter gives me a wee shy smile to greet me when I arrive at their home!  The weather reports said that it would be nice and sunny but instead it was raining with strong winds and the river Clyde was very stormy with waves crashing against the rocks and spilling onto the grass and still Wilfred wanted to swim in it – not that I could let him as we’d never see him again!

Also on the walk we had Mack, Chilli and Ruby.  Mack the West Highland terrier has been on a diet and is looking great and is so much faster and livelier than I’ve ever seen him!

So, as we started our walk I let the pups off the lead for the very first time and they were great; staying close and always coming when called!  In fact they relaxed loads once off the lead although the winds and rain  made it a little uncomfortable for them at first but they soon adjusted to the weather and joined in with the other dogs sniffing about and getting filthy!

Some pics…

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Samantha Dipinto
8 years ago

What great pictures! Little Bruno really reminds me of my Springer, Dot when she was a pup 🙂