Dog walking all over Renfrewshire

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Well, in my last blog that I made today I featured Skye and Jersey, but since I had the camera I took some pics of some of the other dogs I had. This week I’ve had Ronnie and Roxy and also Mack, but it was only for one week and I’m not sure if I’ll get to walk them again, so I wanted to take some more pics even tho I made a blog about them just the other day.  This week the lurchers have been sporting their brand new dog coats that’ll keep out the chill.

I also took a pic of pup Skye’s afternoon walk.  Since Skye had been at the beach it was just a quiet walk on-lead and then afterwards I went to Langbank to walk Rory!  I meet a lady from Langbank every time I’m down and she brings along her 6 month old Lab, Reilly.  Rory and Reilly are best friends and its a great way to tire out both dogs.  Also Leila the retriever came for a play so by the time they were finished all three dogs had a good runaround and went home tired!

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