Zula the Ridgeback joins BDWS

by | Apr 14, 2017 | Dog Blog | 0 comments

Zula is a young Rhodesian Ridgeback and the same age as Potiphar.  Both of them live at Finalystone and have grown up together.  Zula is a lovely friendly big dog and brought a lot of fun to the walks.  She’s huge too.

So along with photos from Zula’s first walks I also took photos of the dogs running and exercising at Erskine beach and Boden Boo with other Erskine dog walkers and their four legged friends. We also spent this week trekking along the trails of the Boden Boo woodlands which the dogs love to explore and follow animal trails.

The rest of the pics were taken in Langbank and even Irvine… some old friends including Ollie and Daisy joined up with us this week too. Take a look….

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