Springer spaniel pup Nevis joins the team!

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Bishopton puppy Nevis!

Nevis the 18 week old springer spaniel pup joined us today for his first group walk alongside Rory and Skye.  I walked Nevis for the first time last Tuesday for a half hour on-lead walk and couldn’t wait for him to meet some of the dogs I walk and let them all play off lead.

I’m always nervous when walking a new dog… simply because I don’t know them, especially when you hope to be able to let them off lead to play with the other dogs.  Pups you can never really be sure if they have a recall or maybe they could be easily distracted by another dog far away and be off so all I had planned this morning was to walk Nevis on lead until I felt safe to let the wee rascal off!

When I arrived to pick him up Nevis gave me a massive welcome and when I took him to the car he was a bit nervous about getting in especially when he saw a large German shepherd and even larger doberman waiting inside!  But at the beach and when I let Rory and Skye go to play, Nevis watched and desperately wanted to join in on the fun and I knew within five minutes it would be ok to let him off-lead cause he would stay with the other two.  At first he was running alongside but kept a little distance and was cautious although welcoming of the attention.  Nevis’s confidence grew with every minute and after about 30 mins it was like he had always known Rory and Skye..he really is a confident wee chappy for his age!  And Rory and Skye accepted wee Nevis without hesitation!

Nevis’s owners have done a great job with their wee pup and he is good at following commands especially with his recall.  I felt safe even with other strange dogs appearing that he would come when called…also helped that I had some tasty treats of course!

Back at home Nevis was tired and surprisingly clean for a BDWS dog!

Some pics…

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