No toys, just walkies with Rory, Roxy and Ronnie

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Dog walking Doberman Rory and the lurchers

So today for the second group walk I took Rory, Roxy and Ronnie without the ball and ball chucker just so we could enjoy a nice walk at Erskine beach and let them runabout and entertain themselves for a change and they had a great time!  I haven’t done as many blog posts of Ronnie or Roxy as I have with the other dogs so today I thought I’d take some pics and video since it was such a nice day.

When the lurchers run they run at such speed (just watch the video below) I had real difficulty keeping them in frame.  While there we met some whippets, and another couple of lurchers, taller than Ron and Rox but not as lean.

Some pics…

A small video of the walk

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