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  • Age: [showcurrentage month=”5″ day=”5″ year=”2015″ template=”7″]
  • Breed: Cockapoo
  • Location: Bishopton
  • Places walked: Erskine beach
  • Most likely walked with: Ruby, Flo, Roxy

Ella the brown cockapoo puppy

Ella is gorgeous, full of life but at times timid but is growing in confidence all the time.  She is very friendly particularly people friendly and loves her playmates.  She stays with BDWS when her owners go away and gets walked occasionally too.

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jamie the dog walker

By Jamie Shanks

BDWS is owned and run by me, Jamie Shanks. I’ve been a professional dog walker since 2010. When I’m not walking dogs, I’m usually at home entertaining my three dogs, attending to five hens and my vegetable garden. 



    • Thanks Cameron. Ella is very photogenic. I’ll get more pics taken this weekend!

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