Elsa’s back!

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Dog Blog | 0 comments

Elsa’s back!  This is a big deal!  Elsa’s a major player for the team.  She ups the tempo… makes the dogs work harder as she competes against them.  She’s been away since August because of knee ligament damage and couldn’t get walked for months… she got an op… then lead walks only as she recovered and today she rejoined BDWS for a group walk and wow did I miss her.  So weird… she remembered everyone… all the dogs… and they all remembered her… and it was like I was the only person that knew she’d been away so long.  Nothing had changed, she was exactly the same as when she had left.. maybe a little more excited but everything else was the same.  Some pics of Elsa’s return and I’m so happy she’s back.

Oh, and you’ve probably guessed that yes, my fancy camera still isn’t fixed so photos are taken from my phone.

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