Puppy walks with Penny

by | Jun 30, 2011 | Dog Blog | 4 comments

What a nice day today, so hot and sunny. Overdressed as per usual when out with the dogs, including our brand new member Penny who is a 12 week old cocker spaniel.

Early walk with Jay and Sasha in Renfrew. There was a whole load of dogs in Robertson park today all wanting the tennis balls that Sasha and Jay had, thankfully I had about 6 in my bag so there was plenty to go round. Later I picked the Lurchers Ronnie and Roxy and took them to Erskine beach where Roxy swam a few times, she’s getting braver in the water and so is Ronnie. Can’t throw the ball far, just enough where Roxy will have to paddle about a meter or so. When she came out she would go a bit mental and run like crazy after the ball not giving her sister Ronnie a chance. After I took them home and dried them off I picked up our newest member Penny, a show cocker spaniel from Inchinnan. She’s just 12 weeks old and a lovely little thing and I took her to the beach too. We met a westie, two jack russells, a Northern inuit dog, a collie cross and lady with two young children who adored her.

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Vivien Earnshaw

Hi Jamie Firstly to congratulate you on starting up your own business and the growth of it. Secondly I am not going to start my dog walking business for another year as yet and the reason for this is that I am researching the business as much as I can and also I don’t drive at the moment, but will be doing in the near future. At the moment I work nights on a hotel reception, which I must say is not that demanding. I have 2 dogs and two cats myself which I love looking after, playing with and… Read more »

Janet Gray

Hi Jamie Thank you for a wealth of info on your web site. I am in the process of looking to setting up a dog walking business. I have moved to a beautiful place near Glossop Cheshire and since getting my beautiful labrador Tilly 3 years ago I realise this would be the best job for me, it may not make me wealthy but I will achieve true job satisfaction with the love of the outdoors and dogs. It would be grest to know if you are still being as sucessful and managing to keep busy in such a unsteady… Read more »