Fish dog food recipe

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Healthy and great for hyperactive dogs!

This is a great alternative to using red meat.  You can get cheap white fish in the supermarkets if you look in the freezer section.  As of writing this recipe Asda are doing a deal where you can buy two 1kg bags of frozen Pollock fillets for just £6.

We are using cabbage and mangetout but you can also try cabbage and kale, along with those ingredients we are also using sweet potatoes, carrots and parsnips.

Because this recipe is high in fibre it is excellent for dogs who have problems with their anal glands and helps keep them regular and the sweet potatoes are a natural soporific, so are good for hyperactive, anxious and nervous dogs!

Our ingredients

2 sweet potatoes, 3 parsnips, 3 carrots, 1 whole cabbage, 300g (1 1/4 cups) of mangetout, 2kg (2.2 lbs)of frozen white fish, 1 bag of couscous


add 2 large sweet potatoes

Dice two sweet potatoes and add to a large pot!

add 4 parsnips

Add the diced parsnips to pot!

add 4 carrots

Add diced carrots!

add whole cabbage

Add a whole diced cabbage!

add mangetout

Add the mangetout and boil veggies till cooked!

add frozen fish

Now add the frozen fish and cook on a medium heat until cooked, (about 10-15 mins)!

add couscous

Take off heat and add a bag of couscous!

Serve fish dog food to dog

Serve to dog, bag and freeze the rest.


How to store

As a general guide if meat protein is present in recipe then it will last around 3 to 5 days stored in a cool place.  If it has second class protein in it eg. cheese, lentils, eggs, etc, then they will store for about 10 days in a cool place. You can use cake tins lined with baking paper – greaseproof. If there is no meat or second class proteins present then it will last around 3 weeks before they go soft like human biscuits.

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By Jamie Shanks

BDWS is owned and run by me, Jamie Shanks. I’ve been a professional dog walker since 2010. When I’m not walking dogs, I’m usually at home entertaining my three dogs and attending to five hens and my vegetable garden. 


  1. This recipe falls short on calcium and vit e. If you feed a fish based diet you need to add vit e, I add calcium carbonate and hemp seed oil. I also feed dried spratts, shellfish, prawns, mussels, squid ect. and add dried seaweed.

  2. How many grams a day do you feed your spaniel please, I have two beagles and have just started home cooked food, but am struggling to find out the right portion size to give them ( weigh 17kg each)

  3. Hiya, can’t find a mention of how much liquid to use?

  4. Hi,

    Please can you tell me how much should a German shepherd weighing 34KG should eat of this per day

  5. Hi I will be making these in bulk. Once frozen do I ‘re heat or just feed to them once de frosted.

    • Just defrost. I usually just take out the night before.

  6. I have a rescue shitzu and can have only fish duck, lamb in meat. We can only have wheat oatmeal as fiber, that is it no vegetables at all not potato at all or rice. Any idea on food prep.

  7. Hi, is the cous cous just to bulk up the recipe or does it have nutritional value for dogs? Can I replace it with rice (it’ll need cooking I realise)

    • Yeah, to help bulk it, rice is good.

  8. My pooch is struggling with allergies and only eats fish… I will definitely try this recipe! Do you have any tips on where I could find more fish recipes?

    • I dont know where you could find more fish recipes. But try looking at the dehydrated recipes I have up as there is some fishy treat ideas in there.

  9. Giving this a go today for my two shiatsu, both under 1 year old, but have been on home cooked for the last 4 weeks and seem to be doing very well from it. . let you know how they get on. jk

  10. I’m going to give this a try with my rescue lurcher boy. We struggle with his reactivity towards other dogs and towards some men. He is exercised on a long lead as he has run away too many times and has ended up in hospital twice as a result of his escapades so consequently he only gets the chance for a ‘blast’ in the garden. I’ve had no success with herbal calmers but this sounds great. Even if it doesn’t calm him down it will be good for him. Am I being over-cautious if I mention fish bones?

    • Hi Janice!

      I think it’s worth doing. As a dog walker I sometimes see how commercial food reacts in some dogs. Mixing complete wet with complete dry is the worst thing you can do and the most ‘testing’ dogs I have usually get fed this way to make them eat – but it blows out their brains. If your dog likes fish he will love this. My own dog isn’t a big fish fan so I usually use offal like liver,heart, kidney etc.

  11. I have a west highland terrier (Angus McFluff) who is 8 months old. If I make these dinners for him how much per day and per meal should I feed him? Will he really eat veggies?

    • I realise this reply is way overdue but I have only recently been cooking Lord Alfreds meals.He loves his home cooked meals and always cleans his dish clean,including his veggies.I am going to try the fish dish in a day or two.

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