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  • Age:  5 years and 6 months
  • Breed: Springer spaniel
  • Location: Bishopton
  • Places walked: Erskine beach, Langbank
  • Most likely walked with: Skye, Jack, Nevis, Ruby, Roxy, Benny, Chilli, Mack,

Flo is my dog and a BDWS helper!

Flo is awesome and not just cause she’s my own dog.  She lives at home with me and Ruby and is very friendly.  She loves all the dogs she gets walked with and has been integrated into BDWS from her first day here and knows well what it’s all about, high octane, full on… no one goes back home unless they tired, wet and dirty.  She loves it when her doggy friends stay over and loves being out with them.  Being a springer Flo has outrageous energy levels but 2 big walks a day is enough to keep her settled while she is still so young.  Flo is ball crazy and loves nothing more than chasing after a ball, in fact she’ll ignore all and everyone when out and just has eyes for me and that ball of hers.

Occasionally Flo wears a backpack with a first aid kit in it just in case.  I’ve done first aid and have on my a free first aid guide for dog walkers just for my own peace of mind.

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