Happy new year – 2013!

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Happy New Year, folks!

And we also hope you’re not too hung over today and enjoying your time off work if you are lucky enough to get some!  Today, I only had 5 dogs so I thought it would be a nice New Year treat to take all the dogs on two walks, one at the beach in Erskine followed by a walk at the Parklea playing fields, Port Glasgow.  On today’s double walk we had Ruby, Rory, Mack, Wilfred and Chilli!

It made a nice change from the rain we’ve had this week to be out walking in dry and even sunny weather and at the beach in Erskine I was joined by lots of other dog owners who enjoyed their first day of 2013 alongside their own dog!  It was a nice walk and on the first walk the dogs are always very excited to play and bouncing about but around 30 mins in they settle down.  On leaving Erskine it was getting very busy with the car park packed and loads of dogs everywhere.

At Parklea it was a lot quieter.  Wilfred and Chilli have never been before but Rory goes often as it’s just between Langbank and Port Glasgow.  Wilfred loves the water and did some swimming, Ruby enjoyed some digging and also found a rugby ball which Rory wanted but Ruby refused point blank to give up!

A relaxing and easy days dog walking for the first day of the New Year and we wish you all the best for 2013!

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By Jamie Shanks

BDWS is owned and run by me, Jamie Shanks. I’ve been a professional dog walker since 2010. When I’m not walking dogs, I’m usually at home entertaining my three dogs and attending to five hens and my vegetable garden. 


  1. I just wanted to let you know how inspiring stumbling onto your website has been. I am thinking about a change of career and was contemplating dog walking/pet sitting as I love animals and walking. I’ll be reading some more of your blogs for some tips and ideas.

    Thanks for sharing so much brilliant information.

    • Thanks Emma! If you need any info just email and good luck if you decide to go ahead with it!

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